Fruit Songs!

Fruit Songs (digital album)
Finally, my fruit album! This is a mix of old and NEW material, including Bananas and Dates, Very Nice Fruit, Fruit Attack, and others. This is a high quality MP3 download that will work in any media player, mobile device, etc. Also includes a RINGTONE for Bananas and Dates!

album cover

Over the last couple years, I’ve written a lot of cute fruit songs that have gone inside my Youtube videos. It started out just as a way to spice up my recipe videos, but quickly turned into a monster of its own.

I’m really happy to release these tracks to you guys to enjoy wherever you want! Here’s a complete track list:

1. Bananas And Dates! (1:29)
2. Banana Smoothie (1:32)
3. Fruit Attack (3:16)
4. Eat More Fruit I (0:08)
5. Eat More Fruit II (0:19)
6. Very Nice Fruit (4:43)
7. Eatin’ Sweet Persimmons (0:07)
8. The Blending Song (0:26)
BONUS: Bananas And Dates RINGTONE!!! (vocal AND instrumental versions)

The album comes as a .zip file with high-quality MP3 files of all the songs (320Kbps). If you really prefer high-quality audio, you can get the album at Bandcamp and download it in whatever format you fancy, FLAC, WAV, or otherwise.

You’ll also get a full-size version of the album art, lyrics for all songs, and instructions on how to use the Bananas and Dates ringtones on your mobile phone!

More about the songs…

Bananas And Dates: This was my first full length music video (although in my ignorance I still put the recipe before the song in the video!), and the amount of awesome feedback I got on it is what encouraged me to keep writing fruit songs!

Banana Smoothie: Even before there was Bananas And Dates, I wrote this little number for my 4th ever YouTube video. It was so buried inside the recipe video I think most people haven’t actually heard it. So here it is! I re-recorded the vocals and re-mixed the instruments for this album (since as you can hear on the original Youtube video, the mix is terrible!).

Fruit Attack: The only unreleased track on the album! I wrote and recorded Fruit Attack back in 2011 (soon after Bananas And Dates), but after trying to film a far-too-ambitious version of the video, I put it on the back burner. I’m planning on releasing a music video for it in the next couple months (June or July). (fun fact: the guitar solo at the end is actually played on bass with an octaver effect to make it sound like a guitar!)

Eat More Fruit I + II: A couple teensy weensy songs I wrote to go at the front and back (respectively) of my EAT MORE FRUIT! – Raw Food Transition Strategy video.

Very Nice Fruit: My most recent release, and the video I’m most proud of (VIDEO LINK). Let me take you to my imaginary Russian fruit world with this little ditty. (fun fact: again, the guitar solo here is actually recorded on bass, since I don’t play guitar well enough to play real lead guitar)

Eatin’ Sweet Persimmons: Another short but delightful number I stuck inside of my old Persimmon Pudding video. This is so old I didn’t even think to record it properly, I just used the “Narrate” function in iMovie and recorded all the instruments with my webcam mic. Low-fi for the win!

The Blending Song: I wrote this recently to make my Strawberry Banana Smoothie video more exciting. I look forward to using it in more recipe videos to come!