Raw Food Coaching Testimonials

2014 UPDATE: Coaching isn’t currently available, I’m on an extended break until further notice

I received excellent guidance from Josh. He answered all my questions promptly, no matter the time of day. With his advice, I am now able to plan my meals easily, shop for the best fruit bargains, and incorporate an exercise program to fit my time constraints. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or veteran, Josh will find the best way to fit the low fat raw vegan diet into your lifestyle!  I recommend his coaching very highly.

  • Anthony from Texas


I found Josh to be down to Earth, approachable, professional, and wise. This kind of lifestyle change is always easier when you have someone ‘on your side’ — a living example of health and vitality.

  • Cheryl Tingey, RN


I gained self-trust, the ability to make the right food choices as opposed to constantly making the wrong ones, self-confidence, the ability to stick to a program for more than a week. I don’t feel guilty when I eat anymore, I don’t feel constricted, definitely increased mental clarity and focus, much softer and slightly more clear skin, and dandruff significantly decreased. And because I was making the right choices for my body I didn’t obsess about my weight or body image all the time.

Support from Josh made so much of a difference. Before, when attempting to go raw, I felt like I was literally going crazy because I hadn’t ever talked to anyone doing such a radical program before. I got criticism from so many people, so having someone tell me I’m not insane was a big help! All the education and information was great, definitely solidified my reasons for pursuing this lifestyle. Honestly I didn’t really expect this diet to WORK much (I’ve just tried SOO many diets but I’m fairly thick headed so I thought I’d try another one….) so pretty much everything I listed above, I was kind of astounded to get out of it.  I never thought I could find a lifestyle where I could be free of the urge to binge on unhealthy food.

  • Whitney from Washington


I’ve had a long and epic battle with weight, digestion, and skin problems, not to mention all of the bonus body image and self-esteem issues that come alongside. My history of crash dieting and extreme measures only made the situation worse.

On top of all of these things, I work in film, and the environment is extremely high stress and demanding. I often don’t get the sleep I need and I definitely don’t have time for high maintenance eating plans that take over my life.

When I decided to try being raw vegan, I was already at a high weight but I was tired of the roller coaster and wanted to try something new. I immediately gained ten lbs. Josh entered the scene and literally talked me off the ledge every single day when I wanted to go back to old methods. He gave me hope and patience to wait out the process.

I gained a few more pounds. It was one of the hardest things to do as less and less clothing was fitting, but Josh was completely there for me and never gave up on me and so I never gave up on myself.

6 months later it seemed like I lost ten lbs over night. I’m still not sure what exactly happened, but patience paid off. I lost all the weight I had gained and then 5 lbs more. I’m still continuing to lose weight and my body shape is improving. On top of this, I have so much energy! I sleep well. My skin is slowly healing and I’ve stopped using any products on it. I am able to take fruit with me wherever I go and never have to spend my time getting fancy with my food. It’s such a simple and good way to fuel my life and it’s only getting better.

Being raw vegan is amazing but it was a really hard transition for me and I definitely might not have made it without Josh’s encouragement and advice along the way!

  • Ashleigh from Los Angeles


I really appreciate having Josh’s support on my journey towards greater health. He really listens, has compassion, is non-judgmental, and is very experienced and knowledgeable. The support of having a coach as we transition is without parallel. I highly recommend it.

  • Pankaj from Philadelphia


I have greatly benefited from coaching with Josh. His easy going, relatable, non-judgmental manner eased the transition to 100%. He was understanding on days where I diverted from the lifestyle and genuinely shared his own personal struggles to becoming raw which helped me to be more forgiving and patient with myself.

He was always available to answer my questions and was very helpful in helping me find ways to make this lifestyle work for me. I feel better prepared to continue on this raw food journey and highly recommend anyone considering transitioning or struggling with the lifestyle to take on Josh as a coach! Money well spent!

  • Valerie from Edmonton, Alberta


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